Visualize your ligands on the most challenging targets. 

High-resolution 3D atomic models of your ligands bound to the most challenging targets

No matter whether bound in a buried binding pocket, at the interface of two domains or even separate proteins of a larger complex – utilize our cryo-EM capabilities to rationalize your hit- or lead compound development by precise and high-resolution 3D atomic models.


One target – multiple ligands

Profit from our platform capabilities and let us screen multiple of your ligands on the same target. Our gains in efficiency allow us to offer you the best value for larger screening campaigns. Talk to one of our experts for more details on what we can do for you today.

Functional dynamics insights

Probe the impact on target dynamics during the binding of your small molecule compound(s) and obtain unprecedented functional insights on how your most promising lead candidates mechanistically interfere with your target


Our Experts are always happy to discuss how we can support you with our cryo-EM focused solutions.