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For the first time, see your target at work with our cryo-EM based 3D dynamic structural models.

Protein complexes are naturally dynamic –

ATEM deciphers this motion with uniquely empirical 3D dynamic structural models

In contrast to being forced into a rigid crystal lattice, cryo-EM samples are flash-frozen in a myriad of structurally different, naturally occurring states. With ATEM’s increasingly efficient data recording- and processing platform we are now able to deliver more and more distinct dynamic states of a protein target at increasingly high resolution.

Leverage empirically determined, dynamic 3D structural data in your Medical Chemistry campaigns

Computationally selecting lead candidates against only one static structural state of your target may be unsuccessful. Focus your computational screening campaigns on multiple empirically determined, dynamic structural states of your target protein in order to maximise hit-rates an reduce attrition.

Hit / Lead selection & optimization

Gain high-resolution insights into how your most promising lead candidates (small molecule or biological) actually interfere with the biochemical mechanics of your target. Interprete distinct changes in empirically observable, dynamic profiles of your target complexes upon binding of a ligand to characterize, probe and optimize your drug candidates.


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