Get a new perspective on sample quality with visual feedback


We determine your sample‘s quality with single particle precision 
Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is a rapid and powerful tool in monitoring the success of biochemical sample purification optimizations or downstream processing applications. Compared to all other commonly utilized methods, TEM analysis represents the only tool to visually feed back a wealth of sample quality parameters with single particle precision.

Accelerate your protein purification optimization workflows
Highest quality biochemical samples are essential for any kind of 3D structure determination project. Sometimes, obtaining a sufficiently well optimized sample is particularly challenging, time and resource consuming. 
With our simple and rapid TEM based analytic packages we enable you to directly monitor the effect of major changes in your purification protocol – and likely save you from investing more time and precious resources in optimization routes that may be flawed from the beginning. 


Powerful insights for a wide variety of applications 
No matter whether you require certainty about the final quality status of your sample or are troubled in optimizing your purification procedures – we will help you get the new insights you need.

TEM analytics rapidly deliver high-resolution results about sample homogeneity, structural integrity, aggregation status and other quality parameters – all with single particle precision, not averaged over billions of particles as usual analytical methods would do. 



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